Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Day 1 China


WHAT IF? You were asked to deliver 10 Bibles to a remote village? Would you go?

Bible couriers around the world are willing to risk their lives to place God's Word into the hands of Christian believers who live in remote or dangerous places like rural China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma and the Middle East.

By providing 10 Bibles to Christians you would encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus and share their faith with others. Lives will be changed for eternity.

Would you be willing to risk your life to radically transform the lives of others?

Day 2 Middle East


WHAT IF? A sibling or friend argues that the Bible is not true—what do you say?

How do you react when someone close to you challenges the validity of the Bible? How would you respond? Consider the verse below.

I thank God that He has given us the Holy Spirit as our Counsellor to guide us in what to say: “Do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given to you at the time, for it is not you speaking it is the Holy Spirit.” (Mark 13:10-11, NIV)

Day 3 Sri Lanka


WHAT IF? You were asked to deliver Scriptures to Bible-less Christians living in a war zone—would you go?

Imagine if you were a Christian living in a dangerous war zone where death and persecution was a daily threat.

You are the local Bible courier, placing Bibles in the hands of Bible-less, persecuted Christians. You need to travel to a remote village, a 50 kilometer walk uphill across dangerous terrain that is frequently occupied by terrorists. There are 120 people who are secretly living as Christians in this Muslim village and they don’t even have one Bible. All of the Bibles they had were burnt over a year ago.

It’s up to you—do you choose to trust God and deliver “food” to these spiritually hungry Christians or do you choose not to go because of the possible risks? What would you do?

“I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust’.” Psalm 91:2

Day 4 Mongolia

DAY 4:

WHAT IF? What if you were fired from your job because you are a Christian—how would you feel?

Imagine…you’ve studied hard for years, graduated, applied for countless positions until you finally landed your “dream job”. Everything was going great, until you were asked one simple question.

“So what did you do on the weekend?” your boss asks.

You hesitate to answer, but then reply honestly, “I went along to my church’s camp and spent time reading the Bible and worshiping God. It was a great time.”

Your boss frowns, eyebrows furrowing, he takes a step backwards and says: “You’ve got to be kidding? So you’re one of those Christians?”

As you respond “yes” he quickly turns and strides down the hallway in a huff.

That night you receive a phone call. Your boss apologises that the company will have to “let you go” due to a conflict of interests.

You are living in a country where you have limited rights as a Christian and very little job opportunities.

What would you do?

Day 5 Moldova

DAY 5:

WHAT IF? Your friends and family refused to speak to you because of your faith—would you continue following Jesus?

Imagine you’ve just given you life to Jesus Christ after attending a Bible study group for three weeks. You were raised in the Eastern Orthodox Church and never knew Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. Now you feel joy and freedom like you’ve never experienced. You can’t wait to share this with your family.

That night at the dinner table you tell your family that you’ve become a Christian—a follower of Jesus Christ.

As you begin to share the Good News with them, your mother begins to sob and leaves the table. Your father abruptly asks, “Who has been brainwashing you?

Your sister says you’re a traitor of your culture and family’s faith.

Your father confiscates your Bible and demands that the family never speak to you again—until you “come to your senses”.

What would you do in this situation?

Day 6 Vietnam

DAY 6:

WHAT IF? You were tempted to hide your faith because of persecution—what would you do?

Imagine living with the threat of being tortured, tormented or even killed if you revealed that you are a Christian.

In many countries this is a reality.

In Australia, this is a foreign concept. Yet, many people are still tempted to hide their faith to avoid possible rejection. You may be tempted with thoughts like, “What will people think of me?”

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a country where rejection from family and friends is normal? Where death or imprisonment is often imminent?

Day 7 India

DAY 7:

WHAT IF? Hindus build a temple next to your church—how would you respond to their spiritual opposition?

Imagine finding out that a Hindu temple was going to be built next to your small community church.

The elaborate temple will dominate the skies, towering over your church with its carved ornate gods which decorate the domed towers, drawing hundreds of Hindu people each week to this place of worship.

This kind of situation is common in places like India and Nepal.

How would you respond to the spiritual opposition?

Day 8 Central Asia

DAY 8:

WHAT IF? You have an opportunity to share from the Bible with a Muslim—what verses would you use?

The major difference between Christianity and Islam is who Jesus is.

They don’t believe that Jesus died for their sins, rose from the dead or that Jesus is the Son of God. They believe that Jesus was just a prophet. Muslims do not have assurance of salvation.

What verses would you use to demonstrate that salvation is through Christ alone?
Here is one verse to get you started.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

Can you think of some others? How would you explain what these verses mean to a Muslim?

Day 9 Nigeria

DAY 9:

WHAT IF? People stone your church building during a worship service—how would you feel?

Imagine being in the middle of worship when you hear loud shouting erupt from outside. A large mob of people surround the church and suddenly stones are catapulting towards the building and hammering the windows like hail. A window at the front of the church shatters, sending glass flying through the air.

This isn’t the first time your church community has been attacked. It happens nearly every Sunday in the middle of this mainly Hindu village.

How would you feel worshipping in this environment?

Day 10 Haiti

DAY 10:

WHAT IF? You are asked to start a Bible study group in a region where people are steeped in practicing voodoo? Would you go?

Voodoo is a spirit religion which has evolved from ancient traditions of ancestor worship and animism. Simply put, voodoo followers worship demonic spirits and aim to be possessed by them so they may become a “god” themselves.

Bible League has Project Philip Bible study leaders and church planters who work amongst these spiritually oppressed communities. Despite the battle they face, they know that Jesus has already won the victory over all evil! As God’s Word is shared and explained, many people’s lives are transformed as they turn from their evil practices and follow Jesus.

Would you start a Bible study group in a region where people are steeped in practicing voodoo?

Remember that Jesus triumphed over evil at the cross!

“And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”
Colossians 2:14-15

Day 11 Kenya

DAY 11:

WHAT IF? You are asked to start a Bible study in a Muslim region—would you do it?

Thousands of Muslims have come to know the Lord through Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies. These Bible studies are run by local people who are trained by Bible League in evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

They often begin Bible studies in unreached regions where they face great risk for sharing the Gospel in Muslim villages. But they know that it’s worth the risk when people’s lives will be saved and transformed as they come to know Jesus Christ.

What would you do if God called you to begin a Bible study in an unreached Muslim village? Would fears would you have to face? How would you overcome them?

Day 12 Albania

DAY 12:

WHAT IF? Your family were violent towards you because of your faith in Jesus—where will you find the strength to endure?

Imagine if your family ignored you, beat you and disowned you because you became a Christian?

It is hard to imagine this happening in an Australian context but it is a common occurrence in many non-Christian countries.

It’s not just within family homes either. Sometimes whole villages will hunt down a new convert in order to kill them or try and force them to convert back to their former beliefs.

When your own family, friends and community betray you—it’s the type of persecution that hurts the most.

What would you do?

“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” Matthew 19:29

Day 13 Niger

DAY 13:

WHAT IF? You are the only Christian in your suburb—how would you feel?

Imagine if you could count the number of Christians in your suburb on one hand? One—only you!

Your family does not know Christ, neither do your friends or any one else in your community. You know this because your community is a Muslim community where new believers are shunned, driven out of the village and completely disconnected. But for now you meet secretly with other Christians, traveling one hour every Sunday to attend a small Bible study group of people who are in a similar situation to you.

How would you feel if you had to live like this? How would you find the strength to endure? When and how would you share your faith with others?

Day 14 Sudan

DAY 14:

WHAT IF? You were forced by law to convert to another religion—what would you do?

Imagine you receive a letter in the mail regarding your application to change your religion from Islam to Christianity. As you rip open the letter and read the top line, your heart sinks. Your application has been rejected. On your identity card your religion, Islam, will remain, even though this is not true.

You are also asked to sign a statement to confirm that you are a Muslim—in other words, you are forced to convert back to your former religion.

Already, your family has disowned you; you’ve lost your job and have been forced into hiding.

If you do not sign this statement, you will be sent to a prison-like rehabilitation centre where you will remain until you decide to convert back to Islam.

What would you do in this situation?

Day 15 Russia

DAY 15:

WHAT IF? You can change the lives of five people by placing just one Bible—will you help?

It costs just $7 to place one Bible into the hands of a Bible-less Christian. This Bible not only impacts one person’s life—it impacts at least five lives as each Bible is shared on average with five other people.

When Christians do not have the Bible, “they have no root” and “they do not mature”. When Christians have God’s Word and read it with open and teachable hearts, they “produce a crop”—grow in their faith, develop fruits of the Spirit and share the Good News with others.

See the verse below.

Luke 8:11-15

“The seed is the word of God. Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved. Those on the rock are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away. The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life's worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature. But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.”

Will you help believers produce a crop by placing God’s Word into their hands?

Day 16 Malaysia

DAY 16:

WHAT IF? It is illegal for you to convert to Christianity, would you have still decided to follow Christ?

Take yourself back to the time you gave your life to Jesus. Imagine knowing that what you were about to do was illegal in your country? You will lose your rights, your family, and your friends and maybe even sent to jail or killed.

Would you have still given your life to Jesus Christ?

Consider these two verses.

Revelations 2:10
“Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

Romans 13: 1
“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

Day 17 Cambodia

DAY 17:

WHAT IF? You are the only Christian in your Buddhist family—how would you feel?

Imagine what it would be like to be the only Christian in your Buddhist family. When you converted to Christianity they said you had betrayed your family and culture, bringing shame on them all.

Each week they continue to beg you to come join them at the local Buddhist temple to take part in rituals and ceremonies—something you used to enjoy doing together as a family.

Your mother also continues to see a kru—a sorcerer who provides amulets for each family member to protect them from you—an “evil traitor”.

What would you do? How would you feel?

Day 18 Nepal

DAY 18:

WHAT IF? Terrorists demand members of your church to join their army, threatening to kill members if they refuse—what would you do?

Imagine that one morning you arrive at your church to see it surrounded by a large group of army officers. One man is holding a wad of documents and yelling demands at the church members who have been hauled outside.

You begin to walk cautiously back to your car, hoping that no one will notice. However, an army officer sees you trying to escape and charges over to where you stand, grabs you by the arm and drags you over to the group.

The commanding officer instructs that everyone must sign up to join their army and take on different roles to assist the government.

In doing this, you must also convert to Hinduism and renounce your faith in Jesus.

What would you do?

Day 19 Mexico

DAY 19:

WHAT IF? Your church was continually subject to mob violence—would you still meet?

Imagine if each week, your church building is surrounded by mobs of local people who are determined to harass and persecute believers until they leave the village.

They throw stones at the windows and yell out slanderous words against Jesus. They collect copies of local Bibles and burn them on the church steps. One week, posters were taped all over the outside of the church building, warning that anyone who enters will be killed. This is the only church in the area and the pastor is determined for the congregation to continue meeting.

What would you do in this situation?

Day 20 Indonesia

DAY 20:

WHAT IF? People from your church were imprisoned for sharing about Jesus—Would you still share your faith?

Imagine coming to church one week and discovering that your pastor, church leaders and members of your congregation were imprisoned during the week. The authorities came to their homes, handcuffed them and imprisoned them for sharing about Jesus through local Bible studies in their homes.

You have also been involved as a Bible study leader. Do you continue to meet with your Bible study group and share the Gospel with seekers?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Day 21 Ethiopia

DAY 21:

WHAT IF? Your church is torched—will you still meet?

Imagine that you are sitting in church one morning when suddenly you hear a crowd of people gathering outside.

“If you do not come out and renounce your faith in Jesus Christ you will die in flames,” a mob member shouts.

No one in the church moves. Suddenly, flaming torches are then thrown onto the church’s straw and wooden roof which bursts into flames. People attempt to flee as the flames rapidly engulf the small building causing it to collapse. Few are able to escape but you manage to fight your way through the smouldering debris, unnoticed as you flee. It’s a miracle you and others survived. The church building is destroyed and people’s lives are lost. This is not the first time.

Do you continue to meet elsewhere? Would you feel afraid to meet with Christian believers once again?

Thursday, 20 September 2007

A Prayer for Persecuted Christians

"Pray for us..." says a persecuted Christian.

I'm always challenged by the plea of our suffering brothers and sisters, who do not ask for their persecution to end but that we pray for them admist their suffering. So here we pray:


Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
It is because of the holy name of our Lord that believers are beaten, imprisoned and even killed. Pray that the blood shed for following Him will bring honour to His holy name. Pray that through their testimony, His kingdom will increase on earth, as well as bring many into an eternal relationship with Him.

Give us this day our daily bread.
Pray for the families of those who are persecuted. Pray that in the absence of those who are imprisoned or killed—often fathers who are raising families—the needs of the families for food and shelter will be met. Pray for the welfare of these families in their grief.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
Pray that God will empower the persecuted to forgive those who are inflicting pain on them, as Christ forgave His accusers on the cross. Pray that this testimony of forgiveness will be an irrefutable testimony to the sincerity and reality of the victims’ faith—and will lead to conversion of the oppressors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
Pray that God will strengthen believers to stand firm in their faith when others try to force them to turn from Christ. Pray that God will miraculously shield persecuted believers from the pain and cruelty of their persecution.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen
As with persecuted Christians, our ultimate hope and victory is in the confident assurance that beyond our circumstances, our loving God holds us in His hands. Ultimately He will defeat the forces of evil for all eternity. Thank God that in the midst of intense worldwide persecution, millions of people are turning to Christ. Pray for strengthened leadership in the persecuted church.

We invite you to join us in prayer.

Monday, 10 September 2007

What if you were imprisoned for joining a Bible study group—how would you feel?

DAY 21

Imagine meeting with your Bible study one evening, studying the Word of God, worshipping him and enjoying fellowship with other believers. Suddenly your meeting is interrupted by five authorities.

It’s illegal to study the Bible in your region and the punishment is imprisonment, violent beatings and sometimes death. You are grabbed by the arms, your hands are cuffed and you’re thrown into the back of a police wagon with everyone else. You’re treated like every other criminal, like a thief or a murderer—all for simply reading the Word of God and following Jesus. (Click here to read the true testimony of Chan who, despite persecution, insisted to share Christ at any cost)

How would you feel as you sat in a cold jail cell, awaiting your conviction—just because you follow Jesus?

What if you wanted to tell someone about Jesus but it was illegal—what would you do?

DAY 20
When Jesus says, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” (Mark 16:15, NIV)—He meant ALL creation.

We have been commanded to tell EVERYONE about the good news of Jesus—no matter the cost.

When it comes to the ethics of telling someone about Jesus in a place where it would be illegal—what would you do?

A biblical example of this is in Daniel 6. The administrators of the King Darius enforced a decree in which no-one was permitted to pray to any god or man for the next thirty days, unless they prayed to King Darius. If they did not follow the law they were to be thrown into the lions’ den. Although Daniel knew the consequences, he honoured God first and continued to pray three times a day, upstairs in his room where the windows were open to Jerusalem.

When the King found this out he threw Daniel into the lions’ den. But God rescued Daniel as he had trusted in Him. As a result of Daniel’s faithfulness he prospered and the King issued a new decree where everyone was to fear and reverence God.

When it comes to telling someone about Jesus, it’s a life-changing opportunity we can’t miss. Can you?

Sunday, 9 September 2007

What if you have to walk a 200 km rocky trail to receive a Bible - would you go?

Day 18

Picture yourself in a country where your Christian faith is illegal. Your church was recently burnt to ashes, church members beaten and killed and your Bible was thrown into the flames of the fire.

You feel as if you have no hope, you crave God’s Word like thirst-quenching water, you need to hear His voice.

You know of a place where you can get a Bible but it will be a dangerous trek. One hundred kilometres along a rocky trail just out of town and another one hundred kilometres return. Where would you hide the Bible? What happens if they find it, take it and throw you into prison? Is it worth trying?

For millions of persecuted Christians around the world, the answer is “yes”. It is worth it when the Word of God brings salvation, hope, deliverance and encouragement through times of persecution.

What would you do?

Saturday, 8 September 2007

What if you lived in a place of persecution without your own Bible?

DAY 17

It’s estimated that over 200 million persecuted Christians who don’t have a Bible of there own. In a region in Northeast Asia, as you would have read today, there is only one Bible to every three Christians. ( Click here to read more about this region. )

How would you feel if you didn’t have immediate access to a Bible? Imagine not being able to read God’s precious Word in times of discouragement and hardship?

I know that when I am experiencing difficulties or when I feel disheartened, I turn to God’s Word for encouragement and guidance. By memorising and reciting Bible verses throughout the day I feel a great sense of strength from God. The promises in His Word sustain me.

The Psalmist writes, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105, NIV)

How true this is.

How would you cope if you were suffering persecution everyday but could not read God’s Word?

What if you had to share a Bible with five other families?

DAY 16

How many Bibles do you have at home?

In my house we have a range of Bibles on our book shelf and everyone has one or two in their bedrooms. It’s a privilege that each family member has one of their own.

Imagine if you had to share one bible with at least five other families. You couldn’t just grab it to read when you were feeling troubled or anxious. You couldn’t take it to church or Bible study each week. You’d be missing out on reading God’s word daily.

In Africa for example, over 200 million Christians are waiting for God’s Word. In a church in Niger, there are only 8 Bibles shared by 140 people.

How would you feel if you were one of them?

You can make a difference! For just $21 you can supply three Bibles for Christians in Africa. Your prayers and gift will bring God’s Word to where the spiritual hunger is growing and the need for Bible is great. Click here now to learn more.

What if you live in a hostile culture—what verses encourage you as you share the Gospel?

DAY 15

The Bible is full of encouragement for Christians who are living in hostile cultures facing persecution. In many ways, the Scriptures, especially is the New Testament, is written by persecuted Christians for persecuted Christians. That is why it is so important that they receive the Word of God to be encouraged, uplifted and strengthened.

Imagine not being able to access the Bible and read its promises during times of hardship. Do you carry God’s Word in your heart?

Some verses that I find encouraging and I am sure many persecuted Christians would find valuable are:

Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:8-9, NIV)

The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is my stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1, NIV)

My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my saviour—from violent men you save me.”(2 Samuel 22:3, NIV)

What Bible verses would encourage you?

Click here to listen to persecuted Christians in Africa witness how they “carry the church” in their hearts.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

What if you are asked to carry five Bibles into a dangerous area?

DAY 14

What if you are asked to carry five Bibles into a dangerous area - would you risk it?

Imagine sitting in church one day when your pastor asks for assistants to help carry five Bibles each into a remote and dangerous. He tells you that he has received countless letters from pastors there who are preaching in churches…without a Bible.

Your heart is beating a little faster and your palms begin to sweat. You heart tells you that this time you should go.

You know of other people who have been before you. Some were imprisoned; others were tortured but most were able to return safely—they always told how much the experience had changed their own lives and help put their faith in action. They also told how moving it was to see the joy on people’s faces when they received their own copy of the Bible.

Now it’s your turn. The risk is great but the reward is even greater.

Would you go?

Click here to read how Rania, God’s humble servant in Middle East, travels long distances to dangerous places to bring God’s Word to her countrymen—just because she wants to transform her country for Christ.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

What if your pastor was imprisoned?

DAY 13

What if your pastor was imprisoned—would you be willing to be trained as a church leader?

What would you do if you were approached to be trained as a church leader in a region where many church leaders are often jailed, experience violent persecution and sometimes even killed? Big commitment isn’t it?

Confronted by this quesiton, I was personally challenged by what Paul says in 2 Timothy:

Do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord, or ashamed to be his prisoner.” (2 Timothy 1:8, NIV)

…Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Jesus Christ will be persecuted.” (2 Timothy 3:12, NIV)

God will bless those who are persecuted. If you were persecuted you are just following in the steps of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Take some time to read 2 Timothy and read today’s question again.

Has anything changed for you? What would you do?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

What if you’re waiting for an answer to prayer—what Bible verse encourages you to believe?

DAY 12

Are you currently waiting on God to answer your prayer? Or have you in the past? Sometimes waiting for God to answer a prayer may like waiting for the rain to come in the middle of a drought! You know rain exists, that it can rain and that it will come eventually but in the meantime it’s difficult to simply wait patiently!
Praying has a lot to do with faith. Jesus says, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.” (John 14:13-14)
Can you pray with such faith and believe that whatever you ask in Jesus’ name will be done?

The presence of the Word of God in our hearts is the fuel to our faith, to help us remain patient till the answer comes.

What Bible verses encourage you?

Monday, 3 September 2007

What if you were so poor that it costs several months’ income just to buy a Bible?

DAY 11

How much does a Bible cost you in Australia? I mean really cost you? Probably not too much! If you work, it may cost you half an hour to an hours worth of pay. If you’re in school it may cost you one week’s worth of pocket money. Even if you couldn’t afford one there are plenty of Bibles that churches will give out for free.

In the Western world people can sometimes take God’s Word for granted as it can be so easy to access or buy from the local bookshop. There are different versions in your heart language and even all kinds of styles you can choose from—from floral printed covers to metal covers and there are even Bibles that come printed with magazine style covers!

But in places like Niger, as you may have read today in the A Light in the Dark 21-Day devotional booklet, where over half of the people are below the poverty line—it wouldn’t matter what colour or style their Bible is—Christians there are absolutely craving God’s Word but many can’t afford it.

There would also be the problem of trying to find a Bible. Bibles are very scarce throughout many countries in the world but still many Christians will walk many kilometres to receive God’s precious Word.

Could you imagine doing this? How much effort would you willing to pay to receive a Bible?

For just $7 you can provide one Bible to a persecuted Christians who need to read God’s Word and be encouraged—the result may multiply as one Bible, on average, can be shared by 5 people. Find out more.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

What if radicals burn your church and destroy your bibles?

DAY 10

Imagine turning up to church one Sunday morning and finding a huge pile of smouldering debris and ash. Everything is gone. But it’s not the building people miss—it’s their Bibles which were also burnt in the blaze.

In some regions where Christians are persecuted, Bibles are rare and expensive. It may even harder for some people groups to receive a Bible in their heart language.

I am sure there would be other concerns for the church members—where would they meet now? Should they build another church? What happens if the radicals come back? How will they stay strong and persevere without God’s word?

These are questions that many Christians face every day.

How would you respond?

Click here to listen to African Christians tell how their Bibles “refused” to be burnt.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

What if your Muslim school friends ask you about Jesus—do you tell?


School yard bullying is a worry for many kids. But imagine what it would be like to attend a school as one of the only Christians. There are countless young people, even in Australia, who struggle as Christians in the secular school system.

After reading the story today in the ‘A Light in the Dark’ 21-Day devotional booklet I tried to imagine what it would be like to have gone to a school where there was a possibility of being physically attacked or killed because of my Christian faith.

Would have I spoken out at school? Would I now?

I hope that if a similar opportunity presents itself that I would. Considering the question, if these two Muslims were my friends who were asking me about Jesus then I would want to ensure that my friends could join me in the salvation offered through Jesus.

Jesus says, “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the Gospel will save it.” (Mark 8:35, NIV)

What a challenge for us!

Would you still witness to Jesus if your life might be at risk?

Thursday, 30 August 2007

What if your entire family was murdered by soldiers; now you have a chance to share the Gospel with them?


Can you picture coming face to face with the soldiers that killed your entire family?

Imagine you’re taking a stroll through the town market when all of a sudden, from the corner of your eye, you see two government soldiers heading straight towards you. After your entire family was murdered only just last year, they are also on your trail.

Turning to run away you accidentally knock over a tower of corn on a market stand. As the corn tumbles to the ground you feel a firm grip on the upper arm, preventing you from moving any further.

Turning to look at the soldiers a Bible verse pops into your mind: "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:44, NIV) You remember how you had forgiven and prayed for your families’ persecutors. Looking straight at the soldiers, you realise they were the exact ones who had been at your house that fatal day. Fear begins to grip your heart but you trust that God is with you.

One soldier asks: “We want to know more about this God of yours. What is this Gospel?”

You’re taken aback and realise that you have an amazing opportunity to share. They seem to be genuine.

Can you trust them? Can you trust God to protect you? What would you do?

Click here to read how 1,000 soldiers turn to Christ in an army barrack in Sudan.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What if you are denied a job by revealing you are a Christian in the interview?

Day 7
Do you indicate on your resume that you’re a Christian? If you do then you probably don’t have much to worry about in Australia. But in some places where persecution of Christians occurs – it’s a completely different situation.

I know I would find it hard to reveal I was a Christian if it meant I couldn’t get work anywhere. How would I afford to feed my family? Where would I get the money to pay the rent?

Many persecuted Christians are constantly denied jobs, not based on their skills or their level of education but on their faith in Jesus Christ.

For those Christians who manage to find employment, some are vulnerable to criticisms or persecutions from their colleagues, who target their Christian faith.

How would you cope in a situation like this? Would you deny or hide your faith to gain employment? Would you persevere in your faith despite persecution?

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

What if your family, as Hindus, are strongly opposed to your Christian beliefs?


In India, if you were to convert to Christianity you could be breaking the law of your state. It would also be seen as betraying your nation and your culture.

I imagine it must be so difficult for these new Christians who continue to live in their Hindu families and communities. On the other hand, many are excommunicated from their villages and their families reject them completely. What amazing faith must they have to endure! (
Click here to read how David, from India, became an unbreakable vessel for God despite suffering.)

Imagine if you were in this situation. How could you share the Gospel with your Hindu family?

I thank God that He has given us the Holy Spirit as our Counsellor to guide us in what to say: “Do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given to you at the time, for it is not you speaking it is the Holy Spirit.” (Mark 13:10-11, NIV)

Would you be confident to share the Gospel with your family?

Saturday, 11 August 2007

What if someone asks you about Jesus, just after your friend has been beaten by local guerrillas, because he told someone about Jesus?

Day 5
As I read in The Light in the Dark 21-Day devotional booklet today, Christians in Colombia do need a showering of prayer for protection.

Could you imagine living in a country where it is estimated that someone dies every 20 minutes in an act of political violence? It’s a place where guerrilla forces control almost 40 percent of the country.

As mentioned in the booklet, it’s not unusual for corruption, blackmailing, kidnapping and revenge murders to occur. The faith and perseverance of the persecuted Christians encourage me a lot.

Imagine if you had recently visited your friend in hospital, after he was violently beaten by local guerrillas just because he had shared about Jesus, would you still be willing to share Jesus with a friend? What about a stranger on the street?

How much would you risk for Jesus?

If you like to get a copy of the free A Light in the Dark booklet, click here to register.

Friday, 10 August 2007

What if police close down your church and ban you from holding Christian meetings?

Day 4
Imagine that you are in church, a tiny fibro building in the middle of a large bustling village. You’re worshipping God and studying His Word. Suddenly there is the sound of marching steps on the concrete footpath outside. The police are here to close down the church—it’s illegal to worship God.

Your thoughts race ahead, could I be sent to jail? Beaten? Killed? Fear begins to well up within but you remember the promises of God’s protection in the Bible. You feel His peace.

In a matter of seconds, the door bursts open and an officer demands that the worship stop immediately. People stand still, praying quietly under their breath. Everyone is commanded to leave instantly and to never hold church meetings or worship again.

As you leave the church building you watch as your pastor is grabbed by the cuff of his shirt, hands tied and dragged away. You may never see him again. Glancing back further up the street, you see the officers pour petrol on your church and laugh as it bursts into flames. You know that it would be an even greater risk to meet again with your church members. Next time you could be taken into custody.

What would you do?

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

What if a Muslim asks whether you are a Christian—how would you respond?

Day 3
In Australia this might be an opportunity we’d jump at—but when you could face severe persecution for admitting you’re a Christian, then you may think twice!

I am reminded of a story of a man named Suliman*, from a Middle Eastern country. Suliman was a Christian in the army and kept his Bible on his bedside table. His roommate disapproved but Sulaiman continued reading.

Soon enough his roommate, a Muslim, became intrigued by this book that Suliman loved so much. The roommate would read the Bible secretly when Suliman was out. After sometime Suliman found this out and he invited his roommate to study the Word of God with him—now his roommate has also accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour.
(Read another story about how a Muslim finds Jesus in God’s Word:

I think that in avoiding telling someone that we are a Christian, we are missing out on an incredible opportunity to witness to them. Jesus once says these challenging words: “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32-33)

In many restricted countries, evangelism is illegal. Yet, amazingly millions of persecuted Christians still boldly share Jesus despite the suffering they face.

Would you acknowledge that you are Christian and still witness to Jesus if you might face persecution?

*name is changed for security reason

Sunday, 5 August 2007

What if the nearest Bible is an hour walk away - would you go to read it?

Day 2
Where's the nearest Bible that you can access to read right now? Your home? Your desk? Or even in your handbag?

In Australia, it's easy to get access to a Bible and we can read it whenever we want.

But in many places around the world, Bibles are rare. Many persecuted Christians have to travel long distances in order to read the Bible. So whenever they have the opportunity to read God's Word, they really value it.

I've read a testimony about a new believer named Zan who lives in a remote area in Northeast Asia. When Zan was presented with his own copy of the Bible after he completed the Project Philip Bible League Bible study, he held the Bible carefully and said, "Are you really giving me this valuable book? Is that right?" His face glowed with joy.

How important is the Bible for you? If the nearest Bible is an hour walk away and you would not have other access to a Bible - would you go to read it?

Friday, 3 August 2007

What if your neighbours regularly vandalise your property because you follow Jesus?

Day 1
To ‘love your neighbours as yourself’ takes on a whole new meaning for many persecuted Christians. It is not uncommon for these Christians, who are a minority in their country, to receive regular threats from their neighbours, have their belongings stolen and even their homes set on fire.

Despite this, many persecuted Christians continue to love and share God’s Word with their neighbours and communities.

Could you imagine living in an environment like this? I know I would find it challenging to know how to love my neighbour in this situation.

What would you do in this situation?

I've recently read a testimony about Eva and her sister, two faithful sisters in the Middle East, win over their “enemy” for Christ. You will be encouraged by their faith!
Click here to read: